6 Tips to Find Your Magic by Barbara Bray is all about going out of your comfort zone to find where the magic happens.

6 Tips to Find Your Magic

Barbara Bray
5 min readMay 6, 2022

Several years ago, I believed I was ready to step out of my comfort zone. I knew I needed to take some risks, but something was holding me back. I think what was keeping me from trying new experiences was fear.

  • Fear of not having enough money so I kept taking jobs that were comfortable but not what I loved doing.
  • Fear of looking foolish so I kept doing the same presentations and not pushing myself.
  • Fear of letting my family and friends down if I made a mistake.

I had a fixed mindset of not believing in myself that was holding me back.

I decided to rethink what I was doing with my life. I found that going out of my comfort zone was what I needed to do. I reflected on the following six tips to help me tackle my fears as I went on this journey.

1 — Know Your Fears

Fear is a valuable thing. It keeps you safe and encourages you to be cautious when you need to be. But fear also limits you. Not everything you’re afraid of deserves fear or caution. Sometimes, courage and bravery are needed to make your life better. First, review your fears and if they are real. I had no idea I was holding myself back when I didn’t have to. So I took time to address each fear one at a time and talk about that fear. I needed to figure out on a scale of one to…



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